We get asked if we allow pets.  In short the answer is no.  However, service dogs (not emotional support animals) are welcomed and allowed under the laws of the ADA.  Cove Point Lodge has had a long history of being pet free. In 2018 we did a trial of allowing pets in some rooms/cottages.  However, the rules were broken by so many guests, and damage done to property that we couldn’t continue to allow pets.  Complaints of dog waste, hair, and noise were made against guests who were not staying in pet-friendly accommodations, that it was a disservice to the majority of the guests at Cove Point Lodge.
Ironically, most employees at Cove Point Lodge are dog owners and dog lovers – however like any decision made at Cove Point Lodge, the rules/decisions are made in favor of the majority of our guests.
Come on up and visit, while leaving your pooch at home with a sitter. Or book a spot for fido at a facility near Cove Point Lodge. 10 best pet sitters near Cove Point Lodge