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Glamping is Coming in 2023!

North Shore Camping Co

Get Here. Get Outside. Play Awhile.

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Looking for a place you can relax or adventure at whim? Do you love the great outdoors, but prefer a comfortable mattress to waking up on a deflated air mattress? We are with you. Get with us and get yourself to North Shore Camping Co. in Beaver Bay, Minnesota next year. We mean it. Reserve now. Get here!

Learn more about the exclusive minnesota glamping experience from North Shore Camping Co coming May 2023!   Online reservations are now available and if you’d like to learn more about us, just click on the link below and make your reservation today.   Book early as glamping demand has been strong.

North Shore Camping Co.
4595 Hwy 61
Beaver Bay, Minnesota 55601
Phone – 218-414-7733