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Relax. Retreat. Wander Freely.

We are easing into summer on the North Shore at Cove Point Lodge. We’ve missed you, and we are so glad that you’re back! We have welcomed old friends and shared the magic of Cove Point Lodge with lots of new guests this past month. Your support means the world to...

Cove Point Lodge

Small Business Resorts in MN: Cove Point Lodge

Some people choose to support small businesses vs. a corporate run business. Did you know that when you stay at Cove Point Lodge or eat at The Crossings, you are doing just that? Cove Point Lodge was a dream of Steven, and Marcia way back in 1972. At that time,...

Cove Point Lodge, Winter on the North Shore

Sea Smoke, What is it?

Let’s just start by saying Lake Superior is amazing!  The lake doesn’t behave like a typical lake, nor does it behave like the ocean.  The great lakes are unique and amazing, which should be experienced by everyone in their lifetime.   In the winter, sea smoke...

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