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Paper Birch – A Nature Study

Though melting quickly, we found snow in the Superior National Forest this on our venture inland from the lodge and Lake Superior. While hiking along the Tomahawk snowmobile trail in Isabella, we took a moment to get up close and personal with one of our favorite...

Cove Point Lodge

Spring Today, Winter Tomorrow

With spring in the air, birdsong in the forest, and the snow rapidly receding, we'd planned to do some waterfall chasing to check on the spring thaw, but we instead, we were gifted a fresh blanket of snow! So, it's time to get our boots back out of the closet,...

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R&R Never Felt So Good

The news is full of crushing stories, and the impact of politics, world events, virus updates, closures, and limitations on ‘normal’ life. At Cove Point Lodge, there is room for you to safely find your inner peace and comfort that can help you restore the energy...

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