Mickey’s  Fish House down by the campfire is reminiscent of fishing operations that dot the coastline throughout places like the  Sognefjord. But this quaint shelter isn’t a recent addition to the shore.  This is the original Fish House that Mickey Lornston used when he and his family lived in a modest house, on the current Cove Point Lodge property (Located approximately where the lobby is today). He was a fisherman, who fished in the cove and in the waters in front of Cove Point Lodge.  He had wooden docks that have been crushed by the waves of the lake over time, of which he’d pull his small 1-man fishing boats in/out of the water.  If you look off the deck in front of the fish house, you may spot the old wood between the rocks in the water.

Today, Mickey’s Fish House is used as a reminder of the history of the property. Guests have been enjoying the covered deck, and space inside as a simple stop as they explore the property, or more formally for weddings, retreats, reunions, conferences, club or team gatherings, etc.

Mickey lives in Two Harbors in assisted living and still enjoys telling stories of his fishing days.