For many, the perfect day would be filled with gorgeous views, a little physical activity, and furry friends. If this sounds like you, you have to book a dog sledding adventure.
While there are several options, we have had guests use Chilly Dogs (close to Ely) for a variety of small and large adventures. From just a couple hours, to all-day, you’ll never forget the experience of driving your OWN TEAM of dogs through the north country.

The folks at Chilly Dogs will teach you how to drive your team, and guide you on a memorable path through a wintry northwoods. Young kids through eldery can enjoy riding in the sled, protected from the elements, while those who are able, drive the team.


Interested in dog sledding? Here are a few tips:
  1. Dress warm. If you are riding, you won’t be “working” so dress warm. Everyone needs snow pants, and face protection. Warm mittens with hand warmers would be a great idea too.
  2. Wear ski goggles. The ride is more fun when your face is warm, and you can see.  Ski goggles are great protection.
  3. Dog sled dogs are working dogs. They LOVE to pull and run.  Nothing brings them more joy. Listen to all the noise they make while being loaded up, and notice how quiet they get when you let them go!!
  4. Got little kids?  This is for you!  The kids can ride and enjoy the dogs while adults drive the sled.  They’ll be talking about it for YEARS!