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Valid through May 23rd, 2024

30% Off Serene Spring Escape

Indulge in the ‘Serene Spring Getaway’ at Cove Point Lodge—where relaxation, retreat, and wandering freely intertwine. Amidst the expansive beauty of the North Shore of Lake Superior, secure your reservation now and enjoy a delightful 30% off before May 23rd.

Nestled amidst trails and state parks, with Lake Superior as our enchanting backdrop, Cove Point Lodge invites you to embrace nature during the day and unwind in our cozy lodge and cottages each night. Rejuvenate in our pool, whirlpool, and sauna, gather around the campfire, and unleash your creativity at our art station. The call of Cove Point Lodge beckons—it’s time to embark on your serene spring escape!

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