Stepping onto the trail from the parking area, the sound of moving water catches your ear. When we visited this week, it was a sunny day, 44 degrees, with layers of thin white wispy clouds painted across the light blue sky. There is still snow on the trail to Illgen Falls, and it’s melting, but there are some icy spots in shade, so if you’re visiting this week, we recommend good boots and/or traction cleats. Safety first! 

We found a blanket of pristine snow protecting the Baptism River, except for a small stream that meanders its way along the riverbed until it slips behind a wall of ice and down the cliff to an open pool below. The sound of the water sliding along the rocks on its way downstream sounds like a happy, gurgling celebration, and we took some time to be quiet and listen to the contrast of the river’s laughter amongst the quiet forest. 

We can’t wait to go back.

Friluftsliv is the life for us! Spending time in nature on the North Shore is the absolute best. We are so glad that we are able to share this beautiful area with you. 

To get to Illgen Falls from Cove Point Lodge, head north on Highway 61 for 8.5 miles, and continue past the Tettegouche Visitor’s Center. Take the next left on Highway 1 towards Finland just past the Visitor’s Center and continue for 1.6 miles. You will see a small gravel pull-off on the left-hand side of the road just after you cross a bridge. Park there. Follow the trail near the yellow State Park sign that leads to the river. You will pass the Illgen Falls State Park cabin along the way.