The winter vacationers to Cove Point Lodge don’t want you to know the secret. Winter up north is magical. Rivers are paused as the frozen water covers the rocky river bed, and the night stars twinkle under the shades of dancing northern lights. Lodge employees or guests stoke the lobby fire, as cross country and downhill skiers thaw in the soothing sauna and hot tub.

These are the top winter vacation traditions of our guests:

  • The Beaver River was full and raging after rain or melting snow
  • Getting in the Christmas spirit at Bentleyville
  • Enjoying Marcia Halls Christmas Lights on Park Point-super magical!
  • Checking out the frozen Falls of Gooseberry Falls in the winter
  • Gooseberry
  • The Beargrease Race, especially some of the pre-race events near Cove Point Lodge
  • Staying in the middle at Cove Point Lodge, and skiing at Spirit Mountain and Lutsen Mountain.
  • Being able to ride your snowmobile from the parking lot of the lodge to the groomed trails in Beaver Bay.

    The splendor of winter up north is romantic, intriguing, and peaceful. A fair warning not to venture onto the frozen landscape of the lake. A gust of wind and you can find yourself in a dangerous situation, much like a penguin on an ice flow.