“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. One fancies a heart like our own must be beating in every crystal and cell, and we feel like stopping to speak to the plants and animals as friendly fellow mountaineers.” – John Muir

Like most of Minnesota, we’ve seen smoke from the Canadian wildfires this week, and we’ve had some thunderstorms that kept us off the trail for a few days. This doesn’t however, mean that we had to disconnect from nature. 

When you’re stuck indoors, but still have a yearning for all that lies beyond your front door – nature studies and nature journaling are a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the natural world around you while helping your brain stay happy and healthy, all at the same time.

There’s a whole world of interconnectivity and creative expression to explore. This world is accessible for absolutely everyone, and that’s our favorite thing about it. Sketch, write, research, keep it simple, or get crafty…  All you need is a book or internet access, or something outside your window to observe and sketch (even a house plant will do) paper, and a pen, and away you go!

For more information about nature journaling and all it’s facets, we recommend spending some time with John Muir Laws.

We have great resources in our gift shop to get your started on your nature studies and journaling. Field guides and nature journals are a guest favorite, and we have colored pencils and crayons available for our guests of all ages. Join us for the 7 Weeks of Fall this year, and participate in our scavenger hunts in order to add to your library and journal collection! 

Friluftsliv is the life for us – inside or out. Air quality has steadily improved throughout the week, and it looks like we have some perfect hiking weather in store for us this weekend, so we’ll see you on the trail!