Do you have small children, but still want a vacation you can enjoy?  The North Shore offers a wonderful naturescape of enjoyment for kids.

At Cove Point Lodge, children love to explore the pebble beach of the cove.  Here they will enjoy endless time of throwing rocks in the lake, watching the waves roll in, learning about driftwood, and foraging for wild raspberries.

After time near the lake, the fresh air promotes a good bedtime or nap, or a warm-up in the lodge pool.  Cove Point Lodge also offers a great kids menu in the dining room, as well as a fine wine list for parents.

Venturing into Beaver Bay, treat your littles to ice cream, and a walk around the agate shop.  Then, venture inland to some hiking trails where the littlest littles can be worn, and not-as-small tikes can get up close with nature.

No matter your plans, the North Shore is a place where kids can be kids.  They can wonder, learn, enjoy, cry, laugh – welcome to vacationing Up North.