This week we’re wrapping up our series on the Minnesota State Parks located nearby with Tettegouche State Park.

Tettegouche is a hiker’s dream with so many trails to explore and breath-taking scenery to see! Tettegouche has numerous waterfalls, steep cliffs, inland bluffs, and visitors can event stay overnight in the park year-round for those brave enough to handle the cold. These incredible trails lead into the Saw-tooth Mountains and there are even trails to inland lakes that are only accessible on foot. If you’re an outdoorsy type person, this is one State Park you will not want to miss!


Tettegouche was originally held under a logging company around 1898, but in 1910 they sold the land to the “Tettegouche Club” from Duluth, MN (after having removed nearly all of the lumber on the land). The Tettegouche Club was a group of businessmen that intended to use the property as a fishing and camping retreat. Eventually one member, Clement Quinn, purchased the entire property from the other members to keep the property safe from development. Eventually the land was sold to another family that continued to protect the property and eventually started negotiations to make the territory a state park. In 1979 the Tettegouche territory was finally accepted as a state park.



Tettegouche boasts 9,346 acres land that contain a unique combination of natural features: rugged, semi-mountainous terrain, one mile of Lake Superior shoreline, six inland lakes, cascading rivers and waterfalls, and an undisturbed northern hardwood forest. As mentioned previously, nature lovers will love this park! Hiking trails will have you exploring the many cliffs, bluffs, and waterfalls in the park. Inland, the birch-aspen forests of the shore are replaced by maple, yellow birch, basswood, white spruce and red oak.

Things to do

We’ve mentioned the great hiking trails a few times, but you may be asking, What else is there to do? Depending on the season the activities in the park change. If you’re looking at a winter escape, camping is still allowed as well as great winter activities like cross-country skiing. During the summer you can visit the waterfalls, go rock-climbing, and checkout the numerous wildlife lookout spots. The park is home to many Peregrine Falcons that are quite a site to see!

In Summary

It’s been a long trip, but we’ve finally made it through the 3 fantastic State Parks located within a short drive from Cove Point Lodge, and you may be asking, “Which one is the best.” In all honesty, there are all fantastic parks that each have their own unique activities and sites to see. If you’re looking to getaway and visit some other the fantastic natural areas in Northern Minnesota, you really can’t go wrong by choosing any of these wonderful State Parks.

So what are you waiting for?! Come join us on the North Shore and experience all that Minnesota has to offer during every season!