Just a few minutes up the shore from Cove Point Lodge, you’ll find a treasure of a spot to explore.  Watch for the signs for Palisade Head on the lakeside of Hwy 61, and turn into the small lot.  Then stay to the right and hug the tight road that twists through the woods, up the mountain.

At the top, you’ll often find experienced rock climbers taking on death-defying routes up the face of the cliff, gorgeous vistas of the lake and shovel point and lots of land to explore.

This is a great “add-on” adventure to any day which can be as quick as 10 min or you can spend 1/2 the day taking in the splendor.  Make this stop part of your “up the shore” routine.  Terrane is suitable for all abilities, with a “choose your own adventure” based on your desired level of difficulty.

If you’re lucky you’ll find wild blueberries that grow and are free for the picking.  Bring a container, and grandma’s old blueberry pancake recipe!