Packing for your vacation up north is never as easy as it sounds.  Lake Superior provides its own weather bubble called the Lake-effect.  In the winter that may mean more or less snow, or warmer temps near the shore, and in the summer cool breeze, fog or rain.  So, best to pack a little of everything!

Here is a little guide:

All Year:
Sweatshirts, Jeans/Pants, socks, closed-toed shoes.  (We sometimes suggest a hat too – just to be safe – seriously!) Don’t forget your swimsuit for the pool/sauna/hot tub.

Shorts, t-shirts, light jacket for the wind, bug spray, and sunscreen.

Bring it all – the weather can go either way from hot to cold depending on where you are.  Bring layers in your vehicle too.

Long Underwear, snow pants, hat, mittens, wool socks, boots.

Regardless of what you did or didn’t pack – there are many gift shops and outfitters that can help you out with a much needed item turned souvenir.