Snowshoe Tips for BeginnersEnjoy the snow, and give snowshoes a try.  Did you know Cove Point Lodge has snowshoes to use for FREE?  What a great way to make winter memories! Depending on how long you walk and the terrain you choose, snowshoeing can provide a good aerobic workout, often more strenuous than walking. Stop by the front desk to pick up a pair of snowshoes and explore right outside the front or back door!


  1. Warm-up your muscles. Stretch and move a little before you strap in and go!
  2. Drink Fluids. Bring a water bottle in a backpack, and keep hydrated.
  3. Do you ski? Consider using your ski poles to help you balance.
  4. Dress in Layers. You may want to take off an outer layer once you warm up.
  5. Walk as you normally would with a more purposeful step. This ensures that you will have a good grip in slippery, snowy conditions or icy terrain and can easily adapt to unseen obstacles underfoot.You might feel a little awkward at first, but once you get into your groove, it will start to feel more natural.