While the exact number isn’t known, there is said to be about 6,000 shipwrecks and 30,000 lives lost on Lake Superior.  This data is not to be taken lightly.  While finding a safe cove to splash in can be enjoyable in the heat of an August day, keep these things in mind:


  1. The lake has an undertow.  The current can be strong even for an avid swimmer – so while it may seem silly, safety in a personal flotation device is always recommended for a dip in the lake.
  2. The waves look smaller on land.  Just because you don’t see white caps, doesn’t mean those waves can’t overpower you.
  3. Boats should be rated for high seas.  Be careful putting your boat in the lake.  The weather can turn on you, and overtake your boat. Do your research and make sure you know your boat’s limits.
  4. Watch out for the waves.  There are stories of folks enjoying the rocks and having a wave come out of nowhere and either pull them in the lake, or cause them to lose their footing and fall in, then getting caught in the undertow.  Be aware of your distance from the waves.
It may seem simple, but Lake Superior will always win any battle – so don’t test her!  The same goes for the rushing rivers (no jumping from one side of the river to the other folks!). Enjoy the view, enjoy the atmosphere, while exercising caution.