The view from Cove Point Lodge is truly remarkable.  From the sunrises and sunsets, to the weather rolling over the ocean-like waves. For newcomers to the shore, it may be surprising the number of large shipping vessels that travel the horizon.

Lake freighters, or lakers, are bulk carrier vessels that ply the Great Lakes of North America. Because they stay in the freshwater, they often last longer than their ocean-goaing salty counterparts. Both fresh and saltwater vessels can be seen at the ports along the north shore.

We recommend you take in the porting of a ship as one of your adventures.  In Duluth, you can see a ship slide under the lift bridge in Canal Park.  Don’t doddle or you’ll miss it – the traffic stops, the bridge goes up and the ship blows its horn, with a another blast as a welcome from land.  A favorite of all ages 0-100! This area is accessible with paved sidewalks, making it an easy viewing for people with strollers and/or wheelchairs.  This is a great “on the way” to or from the lodge destination.  Check here for the current shipping schedule.

Other places to view ships would be Two Harbors, (Click here for the Schedule) and Silver Bay (Click here for the Schedule).  These ports have less frequent ships coming in/out of port depending on season, and mining activities but offer a completely different view of a ship. This experience is less “up close” than Duluth, but is more of the actual “docking” of the ship.

Ships arrive from all over, and many from the salty waters of the sea.  It can be fun to watch many ships and keep a journal of the different areas of the world that are represented in the vessels.