​Why do we love Cove Point Lodge in the winter? Hygge! If you browse photos of tiny fjord villages in Norway, they will remind you of our own Fjord Village. Small brightly colored building nestled into the hillsides… windows aglow with warmth, and the quiet stillness of the winter weather.

The walls of the lodge display real family heirlooms from the owner’s Norwegian ancestry, and the sweet local staff are always willing to make your stay a wonderful getaway. Hygge is sitting by the window of any lodge room at the view of nature all around. Hygge is eating in the dining room with white table cloths, and thoughtfully prepared food. Hygge is sipping a glass of wine, beer or specialty drink at the bar. Hygge is kids laughing in the pool as the snow floats down outside. Hygge is the picturesque views of the lodge from the point.

In a time where there are so many reasons to stay home because we are busy, there are just as many reasons to carve out some hygge time away from it all and connect with family, and friends. By nature, we are called to hygge – and for that Cove Point Lodge is your go-to hygge location on the North Shore. Did we mention that our hygge also comes with a 4.6 star rating on google? There is no compromise in quality for your cozy getaway at Cove Point Lodge.