The best time to practice friluftsliv…is all the time! This Nordic concept of open-air living encourages outdoor experiences for all ages.

Why get outside? Because it’s one of the best things you can do for your mind, body, and soul.  There’s real science behind this. There have been close to 1,000 studies done throughout the world, and they all direct us down the same path. Nature soothes, nature helps, nature heals.


Images from the Bean & Bear Loop Hike

Nature is a stress antidote wrapped in an easy to take package. After two or more hours outdoors, we tend to exhibit lower stress hormone and blood pressure levels, enhanced immune system function, higher self-esteem, decreased anxiety…and as a result of all these things – a much better mood!

More good news! You don’t have to climb a mountain, fjord a river, or trek deep into the heart of the forest to experience these benefits. Just take two hours outdoors, just for yourself, absolutely anywhere.

Image from the Bean & Bear Loop Hike

With this in mind – we began our annual Day Away program for our Cove Point team members this year. Our crew receives a $100 incentive to spend a day experiencing nature in a manner of their choosing – with their families, or on their own. They can hike, bike, fish, picnic, swim, ski, skate…or simply just sit and enjoy the scenery. We’re looking forward to sharing their experiences with you over the next few months.
Friluftsliv is the life for us! We’re so happy that we are able to share it with you.

Images from the Bean & Bear Loop Hike