We all need to get away. But sometimes we don’t want to bundle up and be in the cold, or we are not into winter sports, or our joints don’t handle the thick snow like they used to. No fear, you can enjoy Cove Point Lodge regardless.


  1. Book your accommodations with a fireplace and suck up the warmth and enjoy the view.  All rooms, and cottages have amazing views. No worries about booking your vacation and just looking at the parking lot.
  2. Work on your craft. In the middle of the day, there are large tables in the dining area where you can ask to set up to quilt, paint, draw, scrapbook, or whatever your interests are.  You’ll just need to relocate when the dining room opens for the evening.
  3. Read!  Do you have a pile of books you’re wanting to get through? There are great little nooks around the lodge, in your room or cottage to find and immerse yourself in your literature interests.
  4. DIY spa weekend. While Cove Point Lodge doesn’t provide spa services, you can pack your skin care, and DIY spa supplies and take time for yourself.  Enjoy the pool, hot tub, sauna, dining room, bar along with your clean and cozy lodge room where you can bask in your face masks, body scrub, etc. Ask at the front desk for message options available in the area.