The Superior National Forest has been close to our hearts this fall, following a summer that brought wildfires inside it’s boundaries. We’re happy to report that most areas are open again, and nature is waiting to spend some time with you!

Here are a few fun facts about the National Forest family and the Superior National Forest that one of our amazing guests researched and sent to us this week. Thank you, Becky! Our guests are the best!


    • The US has 154 National Forests.
    • 66 million people in the US rely on the National Forests as their source of drinking water.
    • Superior National Forest is the 8th most visited.
    • Superior National Forest is the 4th largest.
    • Superior National Forest has 3.9 million total acres.
    • Superior National Forest has more than 2,000 lakes.
    • Superior National Forest has 440,000 acres of lakes.
    • Superior National Forest has 3,400 miles of streams.
    • Superior National Forest has both the highest and the lowest deviation in the State of Minnesota.
    • The Superior Hiking Trail is 310 miles long.
    • Superior National Forest has both northern boreal forest and southern deciduous forest areas.
    • Other fun facts:
    • The largest Jack pine is 63 feet and located in the Boundary Waters.
    • The average height of a Red pine is 75 feet.
    • The Tamarack pine is a deciduous conifer (drops needles).

Are you ready to explore more?

We took a meandering walk around Flathorn Lake recently, on a warm day, when the fall colors were just beginning to make themselves known. The Flathorn Lake hiking trail is a cross country ski trail, after the snow flies, giving us the opportunity to experience the change of seasons when we visit.

The hike around Flathorn Lake is fairly easy, and there is very little change in elevation. If you’re looking for a peaceful escape, but don’t have hours to hike to the perfect location – this is a great place to immerse yourself in nature with very little effort.

We came across  Alloclavaria purpurea – commonly known as purple fairy club mushroom – which is a common coral fungus, but very new to us. This is a great trail to stop and take a look at things you otherwise might not notice if you’re moving quickly.

The Flathorn Lake Trail is a part of an extensive system with over 18 miles of trail to explore. These trails are all groomed for classic skiing in the winter. Certain trails allow fat tire biking, as well. During the winter months, in order to maintain the trail condition for skiing, hiking is not allowed.

This area of the forest is home to both red and white pine stands, cedar, and emerging aspen forest.

Sturdy bridges span river inlets and outlets, and there is an active bird community. During the winter, if you love to track, this is a great place to find wolf, rabbit, and pine marten tracks.

With so much room to spread out and explore, the Superior National Forest has a place for everyone. We’re happy to help you find your way to your next adventure. For hiking information during your stay, don’t forget to stop by our front desk! We are happy to help.

We’re wishing you an amazing weekend – we hope that you are able to get outside! Our backyard our yours – the best thing about practicing friluftsliv – is that anywhere you are is exactly the right place to experience what’s around you.

We hope to see you soon!