Looking at online reviews it can be difficult to choose your perfect vacation. How do you know if the reviews you are reading are coming from people similar in taste than you?  Well, we’d like to take the opportunity to brag a bit and fill you in on the 411 you might not know from reading reviews or even visiting yourself.

We are off the highway.  We consider this one of the top two reasons to choose Cove Point Lodge.  What does this mean for you?  You’ll feel removed from the hustle and bustle of the peak season traffic cruising along Hwy 61.  You’ll park your car and as you exit, you’ll instantly feel as though you are a part of the woods and lake.  Interestingly, this trait is great for you, but strangely poses a marketing “problem” as passerbyers tend to not even notice Cove Point Lodge exists!

  1. All rooms have a gorgeous lake view. That’s right – no paying extra to see what you drove to see.  Even the rooms that come at the most economical rate, have a view that you won’t want to leave behind
  2. Did you know the lodge is family owned?  So, you are treated with special care as each and every reservation, and guest means so much to the ones who have poured their hearts and lives into Cove Point Lodge.  The owners read your comment cards, reviews, social media comments, etc. and take them to heart.  Staying at Cove Point Lodge means you are supporting a small business.