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Dog Sledding Adventures for all Ages

For many, the perfect day would be filled with gorgeous views, a little physical activity, and furry friends. If this sounds like you, you have to book a dog sledding adventure. While there are several options, we have had guests use Chilly Dogs (close to Ely) for...

Cove Point Lodge

The History of Mickey’s Fish House

Mickey’s  Fish House down by the campfire is reminiscent of fishing operations that dot the coastline throughout places like the  Sognefjord. But this quaint shelter isn’t a recent addition to the shore.  This is the original Fish House that Mickey Lornston used...

Cove Point Lodge

10 Things People Say About Cove Point Lodge

It’s easy for us to say what you want to hear, but we don’t need to. Our guests can tell you themselves.  We encourage you to go check out our 400 google reviews for honest and unsolicited reviews/feedback. We take pride in the transparency of opinions. Absolutely...

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