Tis the season at Cove Point Lodge! As is tradition, our Christmas tree joined us for this holiday season on the day after Thanksgiving. That evening, our first snow along with Santa and Ollie the elf introduced themselves to our guests and were welcomed happily. 

What are your family’s favorite holiday traditions? How did they come about? In Norway, the Christmas season is referred to Jul. The most prominent part of Jul is Christmas Eve through New Year’s Eve. 

Santa is a very recent addition to tradition in Scandinavia, and is called Julenisse. Rather than a jolly spirit popping down your chimney bearing gifts – since the 1800’s many Scandinavians have left hot buttered porridge for their resident gift giving nisse, and he walks right through the front door.

Scandinavian folklore describes a nisse as a sometimes mischievous household spirit, who watches over homes and families and helps with daily chores. Nisse tend to prefer farming tasks – so if you have a barn or livestock to care for, you’re in luck!

How do you know if you’ve seen a nisse? Keep an eye out for a 4 foot tall man or women, who generally wears a red hat.

You may also find a forest nisse in your nature travels. The best past to look for evidence is in hollowed out tree trunks, the tangled hollows in the roots of trees, or in any small openings leading underground.

Elusive and shy, the rarely seen mountain nisse wears a blue hat, and is responsible for the crisp, cool mountain air.

We’ve heard rumours from our resident gnome family, the Wiggins, that our very own nisse living on the edge of the forest may be visiting us for Christmas. We’ll be keeping an eye out!