Grandma’s Marathon On June 20!

  • Grandma’s Marathon On June 20!

    Grab your running shoes and come join us for the marathon of the year: Grandma’s Marathon on the scenic Old Highway 61, along the beautiful north shore of Lake Superior. The race will begin just outside of Two Harbors, Minnesota and will finish in Duluth’s Canal Park. If you’re a first time marathon runner this race is perfect for you as the terrain is relatively flat with a few gently rolling hills. Don’t feel like running 26.2 miles? Don’t worry! Spectators always have a blast joining in on the weekend festivities and cheering on the runners. It’s an event the whole family can enjoy!

    For Runners, Grandma’s Marathon has everything you could possibly need to get you through your 26.2-mile trek. If you need a break, sponge or something to drink, there are plenty of aid stations along the way. All of these stations will be equipped with water and POWERADE with ION4. To top it off, at mile 17 you can grab an extra boost, with a CLIF Shot Energy Gel, all included with your registration!

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    Safety is Number One!

    For everyone participating I’m sure that you’ve been physically and mentally training for weeks. But now that the big day is approaching you need to make sure you’re prepared from head to toe. Select your marathon outfit ahead of time and make sure you are extremely comfortable in your attire. As for shoes, make sure to wear them in at least one other 10-mile race to determine whether you’re likely to get sore feet or blisters before it’s too late.

    Also make sure you are continually drinking on the run. Take advantage of the sports drinks offered at each stop because they will help keep your energy up by providing easily digestible carbohydrates, electrolytes and sodium that you lose when you sweat. During the last three days before the race focus on loading up on carbohydrates not fat. Eat foods such as pasta, bread, fruit, low-fat yogurt, and sports drinks. And most importantly eat breakfast the day of! About two-to-three hours before the start of the race eat a carbohydrate rich breakfast to load your body up with fuel.

    It’s also extremely important to relax and breathe before the race. Taking a few minutes to collect yourself will help you stay grounded and remember the reasons that you are there. Go over your training plan and say a few motivational words to yourself in private. If you are running with a group, get together before the race and remind each other of your individual and group goals. It will give you confidence and generate excitement before you step up to the starting line. To learn more about how to prepare before the race visit

    Grandma’s Marathon will also take precautions to warn you about dangerous weather. If it is warm or humid take extra caution to avoid overextending your limitations –the same goes in cold weather. If you are feeling overly exhausted don’t be afraid to rest. Keep an eye out for the color-coded weather flags indicating risky weather. For descriptions of the flag colors and more information on the starting line, sweat bags, time splits, timing, aid stations, safety and racecourse courtesy visit:

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    Being a spectator is a great way to be involved in the event without actually having to run 26.2 miles! The enthusiasm from dedicated fans is what makes it an exhilarating race. Hundreds of people cheering at several “watching” stations are there to motivate the runners to the finish line. So get out there and cheer on the athletes who’ve worked so hard to be racing! For the dos and don’ts of parking and the best spectator viewing points visit:

    Make it a family weekend and come stay with us at Cove Point Lodge! Our Luxury lodging is located next to Lake Superior for a charming and breathtaking experience. After a long day participating in the marathon or cheering on the athletes, we’ll have a cozy room waiting for you! Book your room today.

    Photos courtesy of Grandma’s Marathon, visit them here: